Links to "How To's", please

This novice was referred to Fiji ImageJ. I have (tried to) find and follow the instructions to stack photos of a flower. My results are quite good - but grey scale. Please direct me to instructions to produce a color output from the photos. Thank you.
– Fred

Welcome to the forum, @FKlusmann! Could you please post more details about the steps you followed, what exactly happened, and what you expected to happen? Posting an input image might help. You can also record the steps you took and then paste the resultant macro to give us a clearer idea.

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Thank you Mr. Rueden!
An update seemed to “fix” my problem.
I just opened Fiji ImageJ (while on line) and it asked to allow updating. It seems that this took care of the grey-scale output. My steps were" opened Fiji ImageJ, drag 3 .tif photos to the top of the Console, [Edit][Selection][Select All] then [Image][Stacks][Tools][Concatenate] with All open windows checked. The output was now in color as I had hoped.
The links to University of Auckland (at least “Introduction to ImageJ”) from are broken. I was hoping for a pointer to somewhere so that I could learn. I will "play around and try to learn.
Again, Thank you!

Do these help?

I believe that they will! Thank you

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In addition to the links you also find tons of instructional videos on YouTube:

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Good idea; I added this link to the Tutorials page.

Thank you for this link.