Links to download ImageJ

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I was wondering if someone could update the links to download ImageJ from :

Most people are downloading ImageJ from it but assume it is the most up to date version. Yet it seems that 1.49 has been outdated by 1.50h

Thanking you in advance

That download page is only updated with the final letter version of ImageJ 1.x at each number. So it will only be updated with the final 1.50 version once development has moved on to 1.51a.

You can update your installed version of ImageJ 1.x using the Help :arrow_forward: Update ImageJā€¦ command.

Or you can download ImageJ2 from, which provides the latest letter version (but not the latest daily build) of ImageJ 1.x. And update using the Help :arrow_forward: Updateā€¦ command.

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Thank you for your reply. It makes a lot of sense to proceed this way.

To give a bit more information on why I came up with this question:
I wrote a plugin for ImageJ that is functional on 1.50e and above.

I sent it out to few beta testers providing a link to download ImageJ.
Some users were able to download it but not able to update it via the Help> Update Imageā€¦ presumably because of their academic network configuration.

ImageJ2 is a good alternative yet it is, at least on my machine, not as performant as ImageJ1 and it is not as easy for the plugin installation.

Specific feedback and concerns along those lines are welcome.

I added
at the beginning of the code to avoid running it on obsolete versions and to incite the user to update.

For the performance of ImageJ2 maybe a version in which the user can select which plugins to install or activate from a list could be an idea. It would be similar to packages used for the R environment.

Thanks again.

Yes, a plugin-centric component manager would be ideal. We have discussed it in the past; see this forum thread for details. It would be achievable, but more work than my group has time to do in the near future.

What I meant by my comment about ā€œspecific feedbackā€ is: exactly how is ImageJ2 not ā€œperformantā€? Slow startup time? Slow plugin execution times? Which plugins? Can you quantitatively reproduce? Etc. Without these details, it is highly unlikely the situation can improve.