Linking to the forum from the wiki



Sounds great to me, @ctrueden. How should we do this?

Removing unwanted part of image

I did some digging for an easy way to embed a link to this Discourse forum from an external site. There is a feature where you can embed a Discourse topic as a comment thread, but unfortunately nothing simpler (that I could find) for simply embedding or quoting a single post.

So I think the minimal effort thing to do is to replicate the Discourse quote styling via CSS. The quote might then get out of sync with the forum (if someone edits that post later), but I think this is actually OK.

Edit: Actually as I think about this more, I still think we should mimic Discourse styling, but we probably don’t want/need to quote content from posts—just topic titles, and maybe the post’s author and avatar. It might also be nice to have a single ForumLinks template that accepts multiple arguments and renders them into a pretty table/list. This could then go at the bottom of a wiki page, near the categories list, as a “Related discussions” box.

Unfortunately I do not have time to work on this now—big hackathons starting imminently. But if this idea interests you, you can try it, or we can revisit it later.