Link to the jar file of Local Thickness plugin


I’d like to install the Local thickness plugin. I couldn’t find a link to the jar file that can be dragged and drop to Fiji plugins. I could locate the source code here. However, I’m not sure how to install this plugin.

In LocalThickness-LocalThickness_-4.0.2\src\main\java\sc\fiji\localThickness, I could find the following
.java files

From the description given here,
.java file has to be compiled and run to create a class file. But I am not sure which file should be selected from the above.
Any suggestions on how to install this plugin will be really helpful.

Hi @Deepa,

the local thinkness plugin comes with the Fiji distribution. Just enter “Local” in the search field of Fiji to discover it:

Let us know if it works.


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Hi Robert,
Thanks! It works! :grinning:

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