Linear Motion LAP Tracker in Trackmate only tracks 1/8th of Video

When using the Linear Motion LAP tracker in trackmate only a small fraction of the video is tracked (~1/8) after that no tracks appear, and no tracks are exported. Other trackers (simple LAP) do not seem to have this problem… I’ve tried on different computers with different video files and still I get this weird bug. I’m using macs right now with El Capitan. My videos have about 3000 frames. Anybody else experienced this?

Weird. The simple LAP and the LAP are based on the same algorithm.

Could it be because the parameters you put forbid links to happen (like a maximal linking distance that would be too short?).

Could it be a memory problem? Is there any message popping up in the console?

No messages in the console but I tried to increase the maximal frame gap and that seems to have fixed the problem in an odd way.

If I use 13 as the maximum frame gap it only does 1/4 of the video about (and it does it well). After that literally nothing even through there’s plenty of trackable spots.

If I use 14 as the maximum frame gap it does the whole video all the way till the end (and it does it just the same as the first 1/4th with 13 as the maximum frame gap). Seems strange to me!

Thanks so much for helping me figure out a solution! I think there may be a bug though, is this how this parameter is supposed to be working?

I don’t notice any change in the raw video after the first 1/8-1/4, but perhaps the particles are moving slightly faster after this point? Still I think I should see something everyone and a while at 13 max gap if that’s true.


Grmlml not sure whether this is a bug. It simply looks like there was not a detected particle in the last part of your movie. But you say otherwise so I do not know.

Try to plot the number of spot per frame (last panel of the GUI, there is an action that does that) and check that there are spots to track.

Otherwise I will ask you to send me the movie and the parameters you used for tracking. Just to be sure.

It seems you’re on the right track here, if I select max frame gap 13 it only shows spots up to the 600th frame, even though there are 3000 frames in the loaded into imageJ. If I increase max frame gap to 14 it will track all the particles and shows spots up until the last frame. Seems very strange to me.

I can definitely send you the file, but it’s big and may take a while.

Just to add on to this, the problem persists and has become stranger. The max frame gap I need to increase to to avoid this bug is somehow variable on a number of factors and I’ve had to increase the values of max frame gap to 175 to get it to work. However sometimes the bug persists untill trackmate crashes at high max frame gaps of like 200 - 500.