Line ROI tool in ImagePy

Hi @yxdragon I was playing with the line tool in ImagePy v0.2
By default it is making a polyline: each new left click is making a new segment of the polyline and the right clic terminates the line right ?
Would it be possible to have a simple line segment like ImageJ by click-holding and “moving the end point”. What about the Roi Manager, will it be shipped in the next releases ? Currently it is not obvious how to have multiple ROI
Thanks !

@LThomas ok, about the roi manager, can you give some advices? the aspect, and what function should it implement?

I add a widget just now. Select > ROI Ctrl Panel

  1. We can add roi in, load roi to active image, remove/save it.
  2. Operate support some vector operation, such as inflate, shrink, convexhull…
  3. Relationship can Operate the active image’s roi with the slected roi in manager, do intersection/union…
  4. Draw, fill roi, or setting the aspect such as line width or color.

If you use the released zip file, you can use Plugins > Update Software to got the newest code. It will be new when setup next time.

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It works great thanks !
I even added a keyboard shortcut on my intallation to add Roi by a simple key stroke.
One point that can be optimised: when adding the Roi to the manager a name is requested for the Roi.
This is kind of suboptimal if one needs to annotate several identical objects.

I think it would be good to use a default name like a timestamp for each new ROI, like in ImageJ.
They can be renamed later anyway.

Another point is about the shortcut:

  • I had to restart imagepy to have a new shortcut functional. Maybe a disclaimer sentence in the shortcut manager window explaining that could help, or is it possible to have the shortcut functional without restarting ?

  • Currently one simply needs to select a command and type a key to set a shortcut.
    The problem is that by typing a letter, it is also scrolling the command list to show commands starting with that letter. A double clic to edit the shortcut could possibly be more user-friendly :wink:


OK, I would add the feature you mentioned and tell you later.

ImagePy pay much energy on developer-friendly. But any advices about user-friendly is welcom! And here is some developer document: is ImagePy’s develop document and demo repo.

And I saw you worked with java-cv somedays ago, you can also try

About widgets like ROI Manager is a little complex, but thanks for the wxFormBuilder, we can design the UI with formbuilder, just add some event, such as calling a plugin. (The roi ctrl panel is completed in 1-2 hours)

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Hi, right click add to add roi by default name, and we can double the list item to load, or click to rename the roi.

shortcut now must double click to set. but to support enable setting without restarting need a lot of work. so I would not do it now.

Thanks for the new feature. However the default name is the image name right ?
This result in overwriting a previously saved ROI if I draw a second rectangle and do again a right click on Add.

Sure it’s no priority, but maybe state in the shortcut window to restart to have it effective.