Line appearing when opening images


I’ve used imageJ (Windows) for a while now but today I’ve opened some tiffs in the software and a thin purple line is appearing in every image. This hasn’t happened before. It doesn’t appear in the original image which I’ve checked in Windows photo viewer and also photoshop. Any ideas? I’ve been through the menus and can’t find anything to remove it. It’s driving me crazy trying to find out what is causing it. Example attached. Thanks for any help.

Welcome, @nsks4!

I haven’t seen this phenomenon before, but here are some thoughts:

  • Does the line appear on the sample images? (e.g. File > Open Samples > Blobs) If not, then it is related to your image file. There may be a layer in your image files that is not visible in other image viewers.
  • Do you have ROI Manager open? (is it showing some ROI?)
  • Image > Overlay > Remove Overlay
  • Edit > Selection > Select None
  • Edit > Options > Reset… [this is a good choice when you’ve tried other things and the problem is still inexplicable]

Thanks for all your suggestions. It just appears on these images unfortunately. I’m going back to the capture software to see if I can resave them as jpeg files and try again. It might remove the hidden layer. I tried everything you suggested but it’s still there. The images were taken using enhanced depth of focus feature to stitch together out of focus regions so it’s likely something to do with that.