Lighting conditions in image captures using BaSic and Cidre plugins - ImageJ

Hi everyone, I’m a biomedicine student and I have doubts regarding my recent work with ImageJ. I’m trying to use CIDRE ImageJ and the BaSic plug-in, but even after reading the article and all the additional information and also looking for instructions on the Internet, I didn’t find anything. My question is when I compared the two models, I found a minimal difference, possibly related to the lighting conditions. I sending a print screen for you to see what I say. I would like to know what would be the best model to be used for further analysis?
Currently, I do this analysis on monocytes from diabetic and healthy patients and I trying to normalize the lighting conditions (of the captures) to obtain accurate results.
Thank you for your attention and all the best.


Perhaps @lorenzlamm can better assist you in this?

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Hi @Vinicius_Geraldo,

I am a student working at ICB together with Dr. Tingying Peng, who developed the BaSiC tool.
I assume the plots you sent are profile plots from corrected images, right? Judging only by these plots, there really does not seem to be a large difference. It might be that the contrast is slightly higher in the BaSiC version.
However, if both plugins produce similar results, you should probably simply use the one you feel more comfortable with.



Thank you for your attention and contribution @etadobson and @lorenzlamm :blush:


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