Lif files from leica SP8 confocal microscope not opening after updating fiji to version to 59/1.51J

.lif files are not opening in fiji after latest upgradation (version 2.0.0-rc-59/1.51j. It shows error message that file format is not supported


Well… that is strange. But can you be more specific? How exactly are you opening your images? Do you use Bio-Formats, etc.?

Just let us know so we can start really helping you solve this issue…

eta :slight_smile:


I just use to click open in file menu and go to the required file and click it open. After this problem I also tried to open it with bioformats, but its still showing same error message.

When I had updated fiji last time it had shown a dialogue box saying that some of the local files will be modified. I am not sure this issue is related to that but I have never encountered this dialogue box before.



I uninstalled and installed fiji again and now everything is back to normal. thanks for the prompt response.


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