License-maven-plugin used by

Kickstarting a discussion on the mojohaus/license-maven-plugin currently used in (as well as standalone). Unfortunately the repo appears to be no longer maintained. One proposed alternative is switching to mycila/license-maven-plugin which appears active.

mojohaus/license-maven-plugin goals that need to be met (currently used by

  1. license:update-file-header
  2. license:update-project-license

Hopefully this does not get too confusing as both repos have the same nameā€¦

cc @ctrueden @imagejan

The question is: what are our license-related requirements, and does each plugin meet them?

Here is my list, off the top of my head:

requirement mojohaus mycila
actively maintained :x: :white_check_mark:
manages license headers in source files :white_check_mark: :question:
manages top-level LICENSE file :white_check_mark: :question:
manages THIRD-PARTY / NOTICE file for provenance of dependency licenses :white_check_mark: :question:
generates licenses folder containing full text of all dependency licenses (CC @axtimwalde) :question: :question:
easy extensibility for custom licenses :wavy_dash: (possible but clunky) :question:
analyzes legality of license combinations :question: :question:
analyzes whether combined work meets OSS standards :question: :question: