Let's make a developer logo

At the latest hackathon, @biovoxxel started an IJ developer logo, overlaying the IJ2 logo on some code. The current version is OK but the code is not particularly pretty or useful.

The existing Tutorial scripts are a good starting point, because they are elegant and include helpful documentation. I personally like the idea of taking an input @Dataset and running some Ops on it, but I think that the chosen code:

  • shouldn’t use ImageJ 1.x classes
  • shouldn’t have import statements (which can be hidden in a Java snippet, but not a script - as they have to come after parameters)

So, what are other people’s thoughts on what would make a good code snippet to be used in this logo? What would be good Ops to illustrate?


Hi all!
A thought. While I agree that the idea of having actual code is nice, how about abstracting it? Real code will be in the tutorials, but I think the logo should encompass the concept of coding and not code itself. How about just keeping the coloring and something that has the syntax of what is expected, without any text, so as to have the logo work on various resolutions?

Attached a quick example for your consideration.

All the best



Nice idea. I like the abstract code idea as well

I think the number of comment lines (the green one, I guessed) is a bit too high :wink:
Nice job !


I like it! I might play with the colors/blurring a bit but it’s a great direction.


I can send you the PDF file if you’d like, or Illustrator (Yes, evil non-open source I know…) Otherwise as you can imagine it is not too difficult to do :smile:

Nice logo, but (I mentioned it before) the perspective needs some tweaking. It is not possible to see the objective/tube from the side without perspective and see the perspective of the stage at the same time.
Is there a vector graphic file available to edit in some package? I could try to have a go at fixing it.

Personally I would still like to open up the final ImageJ logo design to the community, as a contest. We just haven’t had the bandwidth to do it yet.

It’s in the ImageJ GitHub repository:

The logo with layers is in imagej.psd. The original photograph from which it was adapted is microscope.jpg.

Thanks, well in that case better wait to see what other interesting ideas are put forward.

Or we could leverage this into an ImageJ slogan:

  • ImageJ: Defies Expectations


@gabriel, if you did want to try to fix it I don’t think your effort would be wasted. Now that I’ve seen the error I can’t un-see it. But waiting for the logo contest is, of course, perfectly reasonable.

Or, if you are feeling ambitious, you could coordinate said contest yourself, any time you feel like it. :smile:

Any news on this side? Is there a contest coming up? Or it is this on standby?

@oburri Would you like to organize it? My summer is busier than ever this year, so I cannot do it soon. But if you organize, we are happy to adopt whatever logo is chosen by the community.