LENGTH of one material with MIB

Hi everyone
i may have a stupid question for you
but what is the best option in MIB analysis to obtain the length of my model that i segmented (for example I’ve segmented dendrites and axons)

THANKS :slight_smile:

Hi Julie,
if you want to get length of twisted dendrites/axons it is not that trivial. At least there is no standard tool for that in MIB. If you want to make such measurement, you need to create a skeleton model, trace it and calculate the lengths.
The only time I was doing that, I just used Auto Skeleton function in Amira. It requires to downsample the model so that it has isotropic voxels. In addition, the models should be as smooth as possible to eliminate small extensions.
Alternative way to get the lengths is to trace dendrites with graphs for example using 3D Lines tool or other software as Knossos (https://knossos.app/) and its analogues.
I believe there should be some free autoskeleton options available, perhaps in Fiji but I have no experience with those.