Leica USB3 cameras DFC9000, DMC4500 not supported (?)

Just checking if these Leica USB3 cameras are truly not supported: DFC9000 GT (monochrome, cooled sCMOS) and DMC4500 (color cmos).
It seems the Baumer driver is only for Firewire cameras.
If anybody found a way for these cameras to work with Micro-manager, I would be interested to learn.
I have a motorized Leica DM6B upright microscope that is working great with Micro-manager and I used it in the past with a different camera (that since moved to a different microscope). Now I am trying to set up the scope for observation modes that the Leica software does not let me define, but I may be out of luck on the camera front.
Your feedback is much appreciated!

Best Regards,

Stan Vitha
Microscopy and Imaging Center
Texas A&M University