Leica and Olympus image file formats specs

Does anybody know where I can get information about Leica and Olympus image file formats specs?


Vadim Zinchuk

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Hi Vadim,

this supported formats table contains the list of all imaging file formats supported by Bio-Formats. Among these, there are several proprietary file formats developed and/or maintained by both Leica and Olympus.

The individual format pages include more detailed information about samples and specification documents that the OME team has access to. In many cases, the specification documents can not be distributed to third parties as mentioned in the bottom notes e.g. here.

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Thanks for the link, but it doesn’t contain any useful for me information.


Because BioFormats is not allowed to distribute the file format specifications for these files as indicated on the page you get to when clicking on the link in the supported format table.
You can try contacting the companies to obtain the specs or try reverse engineering them from example files.

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