Legacy input module replaced with the same module



Hello CP!

I am following this part of the manual Cp manual for batch processing for learning and experimenting on how to run CP headless. It is adivced to use the load Data module but when I try to add it it says “LoadData is a legacy module that is incompatible with the images (…) do you want to remove these input modules and use loadData instead?” and I don’t know why is this. It is suggesting me to replace the module with the same module. Screenshot_2018-10-11_11-40-15

Should I be worried? or just use it anyways?

Maybe it is because I am using CP 2.2 I will upgrade.



Actually, it’s not suggesting you replace LoadData with LoadData, it’s asking if you want to replace Images, Metadata, NamesAndTypes, and Groups all with LoadData. If you want to use LoadData, especially for cluster stuff, it’s 100% fine to do so!