Lecture about Bio-Image Analysis

Dear friends of Bio-Image Analysis,

as a consequence of the COVID-19 situation, I’m recording my lecture about Bio-Image Analysis at the Biotechnology Center of the TU Dresden. Thus, you all can have a look!

The first lession on youtube is about basics and gives an introduction to Fiji.

Stay tuned, I’ll add more lectures weekly until we are allowed to return to the lecture hall. And as always: Feedback is very welcome :slight_smile:




And the coolest thing of all: you yourself are inside a Fiji window! Bravo!

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Finally! :wink:

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Thank you for sharing your conference. I look forward to the next ones.

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Thanks a lot for this. After seeing this, I am actually thinking about applying to TU Dresden for MSc in Computational modelling and simulation on the Visual computing track. Would you be kind enough to tell me more about the computer vision opportunities at TU Dresden? I wasn’t able to find a list of modules.



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Hey @Zaigham_Randhawa,

the master program you mention has a website:

And there are the list of modules:

The Visual Computing track is organised by Prof. Dachselt:

The Computer Vision activities at TU Dresden are organised by Prof. Bjoern Andres, who just started recently:

The lecture I do is part of the Molecular Bioengineering master program at the Biotechnology center headed by Prof. Schroeder. It does not have so much to do with Computer Vision :wink:

Let me know if you need more links :wink:


Oh okay, thanks a lot Prof. Hasse. I really appreciate your help and thanks a lot for putting me in contact with the right people.

Prof. Raimund, I hope you are doing well. I am interested in applying for the MSc CMS program and want to get experience with bio-medical computing (e.g. finding tumors with deep learning) and 3D computer vision for robot-assisted surgery. My life dream is to use motion-capture, 3D-pose-estimation, and hand-gesture-recognition to help automate surgeries. Based on this, I have a couple of questions:

  1. After looking at the details of the curriculum, I am interested in both the visual computing and computational life sciences tracks for MSc comp. modeling, and simulation course. Which one would you recommend? My main interests are in CV/DL, but I need some exposure to the computational life sciences program as well. Is the program flexible enough to allow me to a couple of classes from other tracks as well?

  2. How does TU Dresden cooperate with NCT-Dresden? I saw that there were some masters thesis projects on surgical robotics being offered jointly by both TU-Dresdon and NCT-Dresden.

  3. Does it help if I apply well before the deadline? Some colleges have a rolling admissions policy, while others wait until after the deadline to begin reviewing the application. This is the last month of my final semester and everything is in full swing. I could manage out some time to complete the application by mid-April, but applying after my semester ends (May 7) sounds like a far easier option.

Sorry for so many questions.



Thank you, for your second series of lessons. It’s really good. I recommend it to those who want an introduction to ImageJ. Hoping to see other series.

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Hi @haesleinhuepf,

Thank you so much for putting your lectures online !

Another way of cleaning the ROI manager before or during a macro is to run roiManager("reset"); It has the advantage of resetting it regardless of whether there is a ROI in there or not.

I look forward to the next lectures :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks for the hint! I didn’t know about this one. I was always stuggling with the “Delete” command on an empty ROI Manager throwing an error. Now I know how to deal with it easier. Life-long learning! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, this allows me to improve the lecture!