Leaving Janelia and Academia/image.sc community

Today is my last day at HHMI Janelia and the world of Academia and image.sc. It has been an incredible 6 years and I feel grateful and honored for the great times had experience I had in the Saalfeld lab (@axtimwalde). I will start a new position at Capital One on Monday and I am very excited for what lies ahead.

Back in 2014, I was lucky enough to join an amazing research group at one of the best neuroscience research institutes in the world. I learned a lot and connected with many brilliant people at Janelia and visitors from all around the world. Many of these connections grew into friendships and—while I leave the world of Academia—I am looking forward to stay in touch and learn what is new at Janelia and image.sc every once in a while. I will not actively work on my former projects at Janelia anymore but they remain in good hands. Use the project-specific issue trackers or the this forum for any questions that you might have.

In particular, the following projects with point(s) of contact for each of the projects if you have any questions that cannot be answered through issue trackers or this forum. Please look up their email addresses on their respective institute websites.

Thank you for six great years!!


Thank you for helping us and your valuable contribution…
All the best…


Srinivas J


Thank you, it was a great six years!