Leaf area measurement with different focal distances

I’m fairly new at Fiji, but I have to process thousands of pictures for leaf area measurements, taken with different focal distances. They also have shadows and the leaves are placed over a graph paper (light background, but not white). Well, I’ve been calculating the areas by hand, photo by photo, since I have to set the scale manually for each photo. I was wondering if there is a more automatic and less consuming time for doing this. I thought that maybe I could interpolate the images, and so I wouldn’t need to set the scales manually - but I don’t know how and if it’s appropriate to do it ( and also I’d still have to deal with the shadows).

Anyway, I’ll appreciate any thoughts, or tips, on the matter!

Hi @annia

Could you post an example image to see how extreme shadows, bachground color and different focus affect the analysis in one as well as different images?
Do you have any ruler in the image to set the scale or how do you achieve scaling to units?
Would any different imaging or lighting setup solve the problem with the shadows? Like multiple light sources from different sides etc?