Launch CellProfiler on OS X with more memory?

I often run into memory problems on my Macbook Pro (8GB ram) when running my CellProfiler pipelines.
I have learned that I can set an argument (–jvm-heap-size=JVM_HEAP_SIZE) when launching the app to allocate more memory to CellProfiler.
I have tried various commands in, e.g. “open --jvm-heap-size=2g”, but they all either fail to launch CellProfiler or fail to launch CellProfiler with extra memory.

How can I do this on OS X?



You can set the Java memory size (–jvm-heap-size) by going to the menu CellProfiler -> Preferences and it is near the bottom.

HOWEVER, CP on Mac (for image processing) is limited to 32-bit memory addresses, so it won’t help you unless you are running into errors loading a really long file list (in which case the JVM switch can help). See this similar response: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3937&p=11704&hilit=mac+64+bit#p11704 which basically suggests using Windows, sorry. (FYI, more details on why, here)