Latest update broke TransformJ rotate function

Hello !

From the latest update (early may 2020), the transformJ rotate function delivered in the ImageScience library has been broken.
Normally, this function rotates the image/stack around one or several orthogonal axes with the center placed in the middle of the picture.
Now, when appied to a stack, the function delivers a weird result which is not consistent with the aformentionned rotation.
I don’t know what extenses this update had on other transformJ functions.

Is it possible to fix this issue rapidly, please ?

Thank you

From what I can see on the update site and in the source repository, this component hasn’t received any updates since 2016.

Did you activate any other update sites that might be shipping a different version of TransformJ?

What is the exact command you’re using to run TransformJ Rotate? Via the menus, or in some script?

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I don’t think so. The update sites I use are BoneJ experimental, 3D ImageJ Suite and ImageScience (+ Java, ImageJ and Fiji).

I tried both. Last Thursday, it worked perfectly. But today, i updated Fiji and it stopped working.
It has happened on several machines I use.

Hello ! Small update on my issue.

Actually, the issue does not happen on Windows (my bad). But it effectively happens on Linux.

I even download an brand new version of ImageJ and update it with Image Science. The result is the same. TransformJ Rotate return an incoherent result.

Please note that everything is fine on the Windows version of the software.

Thank you in advance for your help !

Hey @Orphel,

if it’s urgent, you can consider trying out #clij 2. It’s pretty recent (coming out June 2020, now in testing) and will be maintained at least until summer 2022:

It also has an affine transform function allowing you to rotate image stacks around axes:

On linux, you need to install two update sites and a kernel package:

If you need support, just let me know.