Latest ilastik stable release 1.3.2



Dearest ilastik users,

we are happy to have finalized the latest stable release: 1.3.2

some highlights include

  • New color way! :rainbow:
  • Image features: sigmas can be specified, 2D/3D filter selection
  • Training data no longer required for headless processing
  • Carving improvements: block-wise preprocessing, various improvements, fixes
  • Window-leveling available in most workflows
  • Various improvements and fixes to the object classification workflow
  • Two labels always added in Pixel and Object Classification
  • Fixed Fiji-MaMuT export plugin
  • Will even work on Halloween :partying_face:

Download links for your convenience:

please let us know what you think or if you encounter any unusual behavior.



I have just installed the new version and seem to have issues saving Autocontext projects… Ie either save a duplicate of an existing project, or modified version of it (eg one label removed).
I have this error in the log
QObject::connect: Cannot queue arguments of type ‘QVector’
(Make sure ‘QVector’ is registered using qRegisterMetaType().)
Any idea?
I didn’t have issues with version 1.3.2cr2 btw. I’m now on 1.3.2




Hey mcdormart,

I don’t think the QObject ... thingy is not related.

So, what actually happens if you click on safe? Nothing at all? Do you get a message?


I thought that was the message sorry.
No nothing happens I just get stuck with the wheel of death or all greyed out… It saves 312Mb quickly then gets stucks (at 14% progress now, at 85% before- whole project is 1.2Gb). I’ve left it overnight the other day, before I had to kill ilastik, same again, saved only 310Mb or so.


Mmm actually now I remember having the same issue before… And the way around it to simply copy paste the project in windows, rename then open in ilastik and then modify… Not sure why I can’t ‘Save As’ from ilastik.