Lasso tool


we have some trouble here using the lasso tool to select points inside scatter plots.
sometimes it works easily, sometimes hardly at all.

are there some tricks?
what is the exact clicking sequence?


Are you are referring to the fact that the first time you attempt to draw with the lasso on a plot, nothing is selected, but it works on the 2nd attempt? If so, this is a known bug.

yes, this kind of behavior…

is this a Matplotlib issue or is it something that could be fixed at some point?

I’ll refer you to this announcement for an answer to your question.

ok. fair enough.
a shame though.
CPA is really useful as well.
in fact i find that one spends in the end more time using tools like CPA then CP, because all the data exploration and quality control is very important.
this stupid grand agencies should give you some money for this!!!