Largish import to OMERO not refreshing or taking a long time to refresh


I’ve uploaded a largish dataset (~1900 images, 5GB) in 4 batches via OMERO.insight and I’m only seeing a portion of the first batch in OMERO.web or OMERO.insight. Both web and insight report the correct number of images by the name of the project, but expanding the dataset doesn’t show all the data. No errors were reported during upload.

Is this just a question of waiting for the server to fully process all the images or is something else going?

Replying to myself.

In a massive d’oh moment, I noticed that on my fullscreen browser window that there is a pager at the bottom of the thumbnail view. The large gap between the last of images and the pager links didn’t make it obvious that there might be something at the bottom of the screen.

So, now I can see the rest of the filenames in the left-hand panel, and placeholders for the images.

Might I suggest the paging links/buttons are placed at the top of the panel?

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion.
I’ve captured that at


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