LabKit Drawing with interpolated polynomials


When I am drawing in Fiji, the Rois, I have the option of choosing fee hand drawing, segmented line, line etc and then I can also do a spline fit to make a smooth drawing of the outline. What is missing there is to fill the drawn region with integer label that then fills up sequentially.

Labkit on the other hand lets you draw by hand and then you are able to fill the hole you drew, however drawing with hand is tedious and inaccurate, if however a utility existed there to be able to draw some control points and then fit a spline through it the drawing would become more accurate.

Is this somehow possible to do in the current version of Labkit? Maybe it is and I am just using an older version or can it be developed quickly? Or are there other annotation tools for small scale cell drawings, like for annotating DSB2018 dataset with something more than just freehand drawings?

You see what I mean or should I post a toy example for it?