Labels/Skeleton are not reflecting in the labeled video and Plot/trajectory PNG file


I have already created project folder with labeled data using GUI.

And I have added the body parts in config.yaml as follows

Later using COLAB_YOURDATA_TrainNetwork_VideoAnalysis notebook I

  • created a training set
  • train the network

  • evaluated a network

Then I created the plot which are as follows.

I don’t see any thing on plot or trajectory png file and also my labeled video is not showing any labels or skeleton. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong or what I am doing wrong?

Any help is most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards

The Other plots are here


To see trajectory and position of this change pcutoff in config.yaml to 0 and plot again.

Though the truth is, the detections just won’t make any sense probably. Model was trained far too little to give out anything meaningful. You can see on deltas plot that there are jumps from one side of the frame to the other, border to border and on the likelihood plot, that the model has no certainty about the detections at all.


@Konrad_Danielewski Thank you so much :pray: I had trained the model for 1000 epocs, after training for 10000 epocs I started getting better result, Labels and skeleton were visible. Its not accurate but definitely it was better. I shall create more labeled training set and try it out.

Thanks again :slight_smile: