Labelling impacting Stack conversion to .avi?


I am working on a stack of images (time laps).
I have a problem while creating a time label and trying to register that in .avi.

Basically, without any time labelling (option labels…in stack) I can easily change the number of frame per second while creating the .avi and it is working. But while using the labelling, it look like the conversion to .avi is taking in account the labelling and overcome whatever the number of frame per second that I am trying to use.

any ideas to solve this problem?

My Fiji version: 2.0.0-rc-69/1.52n

thank you so much,




I have not understood your problem perfectly,
Because no one responds, I recommend my plugin “SaveMov” to create movie with time stamp.
*It can create .mov file only. It needs javacv(ffmpeg).