Labeling cells



one important question that came to my mind is whether there is functionality to label cells. What I mean is that you mentioned creating a list of cells and features for Machine Learning, but what if I want to manually assign each cell a label (or a few sets of orthogonal labels) for “training set”.
e.g. for our data I’d like to take a few images and for every cell, identified somehow, say by coordinates, to assign 1/0 labels for normal/abnormal also 1/0 for mithotic/non-mitotic.


Hi JGoni,

One method is to use the ClassifyObjects module. Here you can use measurements to determine your mitotic/non-mitotic and normal/abnormal cells, then give them labels which can be displayed with ShowDataOnImage and also exported with ExportData.

You could also manually determine your labels and put them in to a text file, following the format neccesary for the LoadText module, then the data can be exported or displayed the same as above. However, since different images will have different numbers of objects, you will only be able to do this for a single image at a time.