Labeled Image to ROI Manager

Hi everyone,

I am using the MorphoLibJ plugin to segment some cells which stick together. The Distance Transform Watershed works nicely and I get a labeled image as an output. That means that each cell in the output image is represented with an own pixel value. 1 for cell1, 2 for cell2 and so on. Now I would like to import these cells in the ROI Manager with Analyse Particles. Unfortunatelly the cells which have been seperated nicely are merged together now. The reason for this is that the watershed line is just 1 pixel. In the diagonal direction 2 cells close to each other are thus touching. The Analyse Particle Plugin is thus merging them.

Does somebody know how to solve this?

Hi @martink

There’s one option you can find in this thread:



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Thank you Nicolas!
I will try this out