Label of scale bar extends out of image borders with large font size



I would like to place a scale bar to the lower right edge of my images. The problem I have is that with a large font size the labeling/text of the scale bar extends out of the image. This could be solved by increasing the width of the scale bar, because the text is centred underneath the bar, but for cases where a certain size of the bar is needed, this is not an option.
I could of course manually locate the scale bar with the option “at selection” to a position where the text does not protrude out of the image, but I would have to figure this out for each combination of scale bar width + font size. Is there any better solution that I did not consider?

I’ve attached example images to illustrate the issue (in that case font size 60 works fine, however 80 doesn’t).

Thank you already!


I’ve tried again and it works as expected in ImageJ 1.52a.
It did not when I used ImageJ 1.51m4, so I assume the behaviour must have been fixed in between these versions.
I therefore mark this thread as solved.