Label mismatch between plotted labeled frames and plotted evaluation results

I have added new labels to a project I have been working on. I have changed the order of the labeled parts in the config_file as I added new labels just to make it more convenient to label newly added parts.

Labeled frames correctly show all the labeled parts in the right color scheme with the newly added frames as shown below:


However, when I train a model and look at the test data the color scheme doesn’t match the labeled images. Even though the model correctly labels the body parts.

When I check the .csv files created, I noticed that the column order there is also does not match the config.yaml (red line indicates the start of the newly added labels)

Here’s the order I label them after I added new labels:

I do not think this affects actual labeling or causing swapping of body part labels. I suspect that it is only cosmetic but just wanted to make sure.

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so … this would be an issue. The order cannot be edited after you start labeling for these reasons. Your evaluation RMSE numbers will also by off, it’s not just cosmetic.

Note, that when you add new parts, the GUI asks you if you want want to see only the the new ones, to make labeling easier:

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 10.03.29 AM

yes, it did and I followed it. hmmmm shoot :frowning:

Would editing the Collected_data***.h5 file to match config.yaml order fix this? (Of course will have to retrain etc…) Or alternatively editing the config.yaml file to match the .csv order?

Interestingly, the label order is different in saved .csv files compared to config.yaml file yet the labeling GUI shows the config.yaml order.

I’ll look into it today and give some suggestions

Hi @flywrangler/ @flyman - we can salvage this with the order change :slight_smile: ; will post an update later today to the repo (i.e. also seems some else had the same issue) :slight_smile:


See here:

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