Label_frames: dataFrame index out of bounds error


I’m running DLC on a MacBook under Mac OS 11.2 in a pythonw console.

Using the label_frames GUI I’m able to label a frame and save it. However, when I try to go to the next frame using the “next” button I get an “index out of bounds” error for dataFrame:

If I quit and restart the GUI I can then get to the next frame (hence the index number of 8), but run into the same problem when I try to progress to the next frame.

I’ve tried the 2.2 beta, but still get the same error.

Any help would be really appreciated.


Hi, Ronan:
Check to make sure that all of the images listed in CollectedData...csv actually exist in the proper labeled-data folder, and that all of the images are included in the csv.

The line that says Found new frames.. at the top of your screen grab suggests that you have more images than are listed in the collected data file. That should be ok, but obviously something is off.

Did you extract these frames on the same computer?


Hi Brandon,
Thanks for responding.

So the error occurs at the end of marking each frame when I try to progress to a new frame. I can keep marking so long as I save the current marks, quit and restart the GUI. The CSV file contains data for the frames I’ve marked so far (9 in the screen grab) and these frames along with the balance of the 50 I sampled are in the frame directory. I assume the “Found new frames…” message refers to the remaining unmarked frames in that directory.

Everything was done on the same computer.


Hi, Ronan:
I just tried on an M1 MacBook Pro running macOS 11.2, and I CAN reproduce the error. I have not tried on other OS’s.

The problem only arose when I clicked save after labeling a frame, but still had frames still to label. In other words, I can label, hit next, label, hit next, etc, as long as I don’t click Save. For now, that is a work around. You can just label frames, hit save, and quit to close the GUI. I’ll post an issue on the GitHub with the full error.

For reference, this is posted to GitHub as issue #1110.

Thanks a million Brandon! That’ll give me a workaround for the issue. I was just being extra careful about saving my work.