Label data for multi-animal pose estimation in deeplabcut


I am wondering to apply Deeplabcut for multi-animal pose estimation on my labeled data. Could you help me how to custom my labeled data for using by Deeplabcut or any example of a multi-animal pose estimation label data ?

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we will release demo projects with the paper, hopefully soon! in the meantime, there are quite a few videos I made on this:

You can also run this testscript:

to see how the data should be formatted!

Thanks Alexander for your reply!

Hi again,

I am wondering to know if our dataset consists of images with several number of animals, Is it possible to use DLC for pose estimation not animal tracking?

Second question. Is it possible to start from the training data set step as I already have annotated image data instead of video files? If your answer is yes, I like to see how does a training dataset CSV file looks like with different number of animal. Then, we can costume our labeled data into a proper template for using in DLC. Could you share with me?


Yes, you can use DLC for multi animal pose estimation with several different animal species. There are some notes on this in the user guide:

There is a guide for converting previous projects to maDLC files:

Hope that helps!

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for sharing these links with me. Actually I had a look on them earlier but I have not got the reply of my question yet : Is it possible to start from the training data set step as I already labeled our images with another tool?