KymoAnalyzer Batch Kymograph Generation

I am having problems with KymoAnalyzer. I have separated the movies into the experiment folder as described, in TIFs, and the plugin is installed. I then run Batch Kymograph Generation, identify the folder for analysis, the file type, and click ‘yes’ for multiple kymographs. However, ImageJ then says ‘command completed’ in the status bar, and the movies don’t get opened.

Is there something I am missing, or has anyone else had this issue?


Your movies might be in a different layer. Try to play around with what layer of folders you click for this analysis. If it is still not working, I recommend checking your Fiji version. Check your movie format, naming, etc.
Sorry if this is not helpful. There could be many things going wrong when you cannot open the files. Keep me updated.

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