KymoAnalyzer 2 Track Errors all black


I have a problem with my KymoAnalyzer tool. I can open up the movies and do the selection (tool 1) and the different folders are successfully created.
But when I want to create the kymographs with Tool 2 (Tracks) I get a Track box that is fully black.
I already tried it on another computer from my colleague and there every tool worked fine, so the problem’s probably not about the movies…
Can anybody help me or knows my problem?

Kind regards


The developers of this tool do not frequent the forum. I would suggest contacting them directly:

Have you double-checked the user manual regarding the section on the Tracks tool?

I’m sorry - I haven’t used this tool myself…

Last thing… if you provide an original image file here - as well as a description of the analysis you wish to do - perhaps others can suggest some workflows/tools as alternatives? (You can also check for the “kymograph” tag - looking over posts there: