Known issues with, or related to, running QuPath on linux

I found no similiar post here. Having traced through forums for three hours after QuPath failed when upgrading to Ubuntu 19.10 I thought it nice to have a post summarizing known issues.

Although QuPath comes bundled with most (all??) its libraries it will in some cases fall back to using system libraries. This behavior may interfere with the functionality of the program.

Linux libraries
All versions of QuPath (0.1.2 - 0.2.0m4)
libpixman: vs > 0.33.6-1 will make openslide show less than full resolution of images in a choppy way. On ubuntu using apt-get this was solved by downgrading libpixman-1-0 and libpixman-1-dev to vs 0.33.6-1.

Will update this post if more issues are raised

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Vaguely remembered this thread that seemed slightly related.