Knime violin plot - statistics as output?

I am visualising data in Knime (Integrated intensity of Bacteria).

I am using the violin plot to show the distribution of values. A hover over the plot displays the statistics values.

Question: Can I get the statistics values as an output of the Violin plot node?

Do I have to use another node to calculate the statistics again?

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Hi @Marie-nkaefer,

If you are interested in statistics about individual groups, you’ll have to use the GroupBy node with the respective aggregations. That is, select the column that contains your groups in the Groups tab and then add the Manual Aggregations:

Here’s also an example that you can play with:

In general, I agree that it would be nice if there were some “presets” in the GroupBy node so that you don’t have to a lot of clicking for each column…

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Hi @stelfrich ,

Thanks for the quick answer. I have got a group by node set up to calculate the statistics per group. I was just wondering if there was an output option for the violin plot as it essentially calculates the same numbers.

It seems somewhat redundant, potentially putting more strain on the RAM for large datasets. But maybe that’s just me being pedantic :wink:


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That’s actually good thinking and not pedantic at all. There’s a technical challenge, however: The visualization is generated through Plotly.js in JavaScript which doesn’t return the computed values, as far as I can tell…

It’s against the usage concept of visualization nodes. But I’ll forward to comment to our UX team for evaluation since it makes sense to return those values if they are shown in the plot. Thank you!


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Thank you for the workshop the last two weeks. I am finally getting to grips with Knime and am generating useful workflows :smiley: