KNIME "try all" thresholds

Hi all

I just implemented a “try a few” (not quite “try all”) global thresholding in KNIME, similar to the IJ “try all”.

Some question for KNIME experts:

Is this implemented already?? Did I overlook a node or setting or example??

What is the best way to archive little KNIME Utilities like this?? If I make it a metanode is there any special way to archive those??

I’ve attached the example in case it is useful to anyone else. It illustrates how to use flow variables, and the power of the tabular views in KNIME. You can instantly try different thresholds on a directory full of many different images and see the results on all images processed with all thresholds, in one table.
Currently the thresholds must be specified by adding them to table creator. If anyone has any suggestions to make it better let me know.

Images are from the Broad Institute collection.

Try_Multiple_Thresholds.knwf (2.6 MB)


Hi @bnorthan,
Your workflow is really nice, such a feature is not implemented in KNIME directly, but you demonstrated how you can easily add it.

You can copy and paste your metanodes into a storage workflow, from there you can insert them into other workflows and share this workflow with others.

I modified it a little to make the selection of the algorithms more user friendly, via the Multiple Selections node and wrapped the functionality up in a metanode. See the attached workflow: Try_Multiple_Thresholds_v2.knwf (18.4 KB)


I also updated it so that you can select the image column to threshold in the GUI of the metanode too.
The resulting workflow and metanode are available for download from my nodepit space :wink: