Knee X-ray Image Analysis

I have to measure maximum anterior-posterior length of bones (condyles) in X-ray images of knee. I am using ImageJ (Fiji) software for that. However, one problem is that I have to incorporate the phantom of 30mm in the readings as well. How I can do scaling for that in ImageJ?

Hi @sajia and welcome to the forum!

first, you need to make sure that the spatial calibration (a.k.a pixel size, e.g. mm/px) is properly set in your image. You can

then you can insert a scale bar using Analyze > Tools > Scale Bar

Hope this helps!

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Hey Thanks alot for your reply.That helped alot! I am new using ImageJ so pardon me if I may ask how can I get all 3 views (coronal, sagittal and axial view) in DICOM data…I have tried stack<<orthogonal views but I can’t get desired orientations and even slider to adjust all 3 views.

Hi @sajia,

if you have volumetric data, then orthogonal views will give you the 3 views, but the axis XYZ will always be with respect to how the data was recorded.

You have a bit more control using Image > Stacks > Reslice , but if your sample axis (say “coronal”) is not aligned with the microscopy axis, then you will have to rotate or even translate the image beforehand using Image > Transform > Rotate and Image > Transform > Translate