Kappa - data export


I have a little problem with the kappa plugin : when exporting the data, even when I select ‘export all points’, I only get one average point, I guess.
At least, in the csv file, here is ony one line…
I’m sure it must be something really simple that I didn’t select but if someone could enlighten me, I would gradly appreciate it.
Thank you very much in advance,



First please be sure you are running the latest version of Kappa (1.6.4 as of today) by following these instructions: https://github.com/brouhardlab/Kappa#installation

I just tested it and the “export all points” feature works well in my case. The data is under the column “Point Curvature (um-1)” in the exported CSV file.

Do you mean you only have one row when you export the data as CSV?

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Hello, and thank you for your answer.

I made sure everything was updated before I started so that doesn’t seem to be the problem…
Indeed I only get one row, whatever export option I choose.
I’m going to try this on another computer soon, just in case, and I’ll get back to you.

Hello !

I actually have the same problem with the export function on this kappa plugin. Did you manage to solve it ? If so, I would be very interested !

Thank you !

Hi, try to use other CSV reader to open the exported data. Such as an online CSV viewer, then you’d find all the points.

Good luck!