Kappa curvature scaling

I want to use the Kappa plugin to measure curvature on shapes of cm-m length (rather than the default microns). The problem - I can’t change the calibration scale. The user interface has a scale box but no measures that I enter there influence the curvature data outcome. Can someone tell me what I am missing here?

Hi @Rathkea ,

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This is the plugin you’re using right?

I’m not familiar with that plugin in particular, but I expect you can get what you want by changing the spatial calibration of your image with imageJ.

You can do this by editing the image properties Image > Properties... or (Ctrl + Shift + P).

Hope that works out for you,

Hi John,
Thanks for your response and, yes, the Kappa Fiji plugin is what I am using. I have altered the ImageJ scaling calibration but it does not seem to carry over to Kappa. I’m in contact with the authors and I expect we’ll find a solution which can then be listed here.

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Ok, this was dumb on my part. The scale box works fine. It just requires hitting “enter” after putting a value in the box.

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