Just downloaded, issue with images

I keep getting the error:

“The pipeline did not identify any image sets.”

I loaded a single .tiff of a yeast culture. I am using the downloaded example yeast colonies project. I’m not sure what’s wrong or why I’m stuff at the beginning here. Help.

Could you post the project file you created that’s giving you the error? You can save one by selecting File > Save project… from the main menu bar.

I get the same message - a very green rookie here - but I am trying to load some test images to use with the human cell pipeline example. I am hoping to use this program to identify salmon eggs on the bottom of a river.

Attached is the project file I am trying to use.

Thank you!
test3.cpproj (154 KB)

I get the same problem - attached is my project file test3.cpproj (154 KB). Hoping to use to find salmon eggs on the bed of a river.



Hi Geoff,

The pipeline is failing because in the Images module, a single TIF image is provided, but in the NamesAndTypes module, it is looking for 3 images, ending with ‘d0.tif’, ‘d1.tif’ and ‘d2.tif’ respectively. You’ll need to change the settings to make them appropriate to your assay.

if you are using a single image channel for analysis, in the NamesAndTypes module, you may want to change the “Assign a name to” setting to “All images” and for that image, specify whether it is a grayscale or color image under “Select the image type”. From there, you probably need to make further changes to the Analysis module below.