Junior data scientist in connectomics at the LMB, Cambridge UK

Hi all,

We are seeking to recruit a junior data scientist–for lack of a more appropriate name–to work with us on connectomics in the fly and in many other organisms. All about imagery from electron microscopy volumes and laser-scanning microscopy. From data handling, to image registration, segmentation with machine learning, synapse detection, and more.

We acquire data with FIBSEM and eventually with gridtape, and we are seeking to streamline its processing and analysis towards mapping the synaptic wiring diagram, or connectome, of whole brains from these nanometer-resolution volumes.

The ad below claims that a PhD is necessary, but that’s not at all a requirement. It also claims this position is for a postdoc, which is also not correct. IThe ad is basically an “Apply” button, and the rest ought to be pretty much ignored. Any interested applicant should simply email me at acardona mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk

The ad:

Many thanks!