JS library based for interactive image analysis?

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I’m interested in the applications of Javascript in scientific-research and I wonder if there is any sort of open project that can provide customised browser-based dashboards for specific image analysis procedures. The idea is to have a framework that allow us to code different web frames with desired results (plots, 2D, 3D, 2D + time, 3D + time, etc), sliders to change in real time (as far as possible) the value of parameters, or button for customs algorithm. Examples of this applied to data science can be found in https://rstudio.github.io/shinydashboard/.

Of course I’m aware that the performance of JS is not the better, especially taking in account the size of the images that we are dealing with. But, by now, I’m more interesting in the proof of concept than performance. In the future this framework could deal with the interactive frontend, and the heavy work done by another server-based tool through an API (for instance).

You might be interested in this post:

But shiny is also very nice and can be enriched with Java libs from within R.

See also:


Example: https://demo.bokehplots.com/apps/movies

and more:


Not to forget Scilab:




@caviri I don’t really have any suggestions to offer you. But I just wanted to second your interest. I would love to learn more about JavaScript-based UI frontends for image processing, so that they can be combined with ImageJ—see imagej-electron-app and the imagej-server web UI prototype for very rudimentary proofs-of-concept in that direction. And of course the Jupyter notebook integration that @Bio7 linked—that is the farthest-along JS+Java (via Python) integration we have going so far on the ImageJ (and also probably scikit-image) front.

Over time I expect to explore more in the direction of JS+Java(+Python), but there’s a lot going on all the time, so I can’t promise any particular progress any time soon. In the meantime, please post back here with anything cool!

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