Jpeg uploads for image quantification


Uploading jpeg images “because I was not aware of it being lossy” seems to be (surprisingly) quite common. This often triggers requests to upload non-lossy formats and so it delays finding an answer to a problem.
Would it be useful to either restrict the upload of jpg files (I appreciate that in many cases of screenshots and non-imaging images :slight_smile: this would not matter), or have within an upload dialogue very visible info requesting TIF or PNG formats and avoidance of jpegs?
Some may think it is a somewhat draconian measure, but it might have several advantages: fulfil an educational function, reduce the number of posts asking for a non-lossy format and speed up finding a solution.


I don’t think the Discourse backend currently has an option to configure the text in the upload dialog; but we could put this information in a topic template. There was recently some discussion about introducing topic templates, but that was at a time when the forum merger was just about to happen, so we postponed it to after the merger:

I think now would be a good time to implement this. Please comment on the linked topic if you have something to add.


Yes, it seems good. Thanks. I would also include “How was the image generated?” (to avoid e.g. suggestions of colour unmixing on non-subtracting colour images and so on).