Joining through Google? It is not working


I “joined” a few weeks ago through google, but I never received one of the confirmation emails and no m emails got lost in my spam box either.


Sorry to see that you had trouble registering with the forum. There were some server-related issues in early January, and some outage due to the trial to merge the ImageJ forum and CellProfiler forum into a new Scientific Community Image Forum. However, these issues should be gone now.

Seeing that you successfully created some posts: are you all set now? Or did you register a second account, and your first one is still unconfirmed?


Im all set now. I signed up on through github. As of a few days ago, my email seemed to be in computer purgatory as far as this forum is concerned.


@MollyDog Please let us know if emails continue to go missing for you. As @imagejan said, the email issues should be resolved, so you should receive digest mails, updates on threads you are watching, etc.


I got an email through gmail! It works now. Thanks!