Joining as a community partner



Dear team,
we are interested in joining this forum as a community partner with Microscopy Image Browser (MIB), which is an open-source package for image segmentation and analysis of mutlidimensional datasets.
We are ready to agree with the required terms:

  • the organization links to the forum in its documentation regarding how users should seek support and/or discussion;
  • it does not promote additional, separate, project-specific discussion channels more prominently than this forum.

Ilya Belevich and MIB team.

ImJoy would like to join as Community Partner


First of all… so incredibly sorry for the delay in response! We have been finalizing some Governance issues for our newly merged forum - so there was no clear protocol for joining as a Community Partner until recently.

But I’d like to be the first to welcome you and the MIB team as an official Community Partner to our forum! :slight_smile:

Before we can proceed… we will need three things:

  1. Please submit your project icon on this thread so we can included it in the list at the top of the forum page.
  2. Please update your contacts page to primarily - and hopefully exclusively - promote the forum as the place to ask questions for users. Will you then discontinue your mailing list to only use the forum?
  3. And please elect an individual (I’m assuming you?!) to join our Community Forum Team (you can read more about that on the FAQ page).

Hope this all seems doable and agreeable… Just message me here if you have any further questions!

And thanks for joining our community officially - you are a great addition to the forum.

eta :slight_smile:


Dear Ellen,
great thank you, it is reallly encouraging to be part of this community!
We are agree with these conditions and I will fix those issues as soon as I am back from Luxemburg.
I am ready to elect myself as a Community Forum Team :slight_smile:



I’ve added you to the Community Forum Team. As soon as you make the changes to your website… I will get your icon up and linked. :slight_smile: So just ping me again here.



Hi @etarena,
I updated the corresponding section on the website ( and added links to github ( and sourceforge (


It’s all set now @Ilya_Belevich! :slight_smile: