Job Opportunity: Synaptic imaging, Galenea Corporation

Job Opportunity - Galenea Corporation

Job Title: Scientist - Optical Physiologist – Synaptic Imaging
Location: Cambridge, MA

Galenea is a leader in the rapidly emerging field of synaptic transmission (ST), the process by which neurons communicate with each other. Dysfunctions in ST are now widely believed to play a central role in many psychiatric, neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, and modulators of ST therefore have the potential to yield breakthrough treatments. Galenea has developed an innovative ST drug discovery platform that integrates three components: MANTRA™, a high throughput, proprietary screening technology to identify a new generation of small molecule modulators of synaptic transmission; in vivo models using integrated EEG measures of animal behavior to more reliably determine CNS drug efficacy; and human EEG biomarkers, developed in tandem with and informed by our animal EEG data to greatly enhance CNS drug development. The company is advancing a novel pro-cognitive program derived from the platform and the approach can be extended to address multiple CNS disorders. Based in Cambridge, MA, Galenea has assembled a compelling scientific team, balancing academic aptitude with industry experience and entrepreneurship. For more information about Galenea, please visit the company’s website at

The synaptic screening group at Galenea is seeking a candidate for the development of experimental paradigms utilizing fluorescence-based imaging in primary neuronal cultures to identify functional synaptic deficits in cellular models of CNS diseases.

Ph.D. in Neuroscience or a related field (with postdoctoral training preferred), a demonstrated track record of scientific independence, and expertise in the following areas:

  • Fluorescence microscopy, optics, and imaging hardware

  • Kinetic optical assays of neuronal function

  • Image analysis process development

  • Extensive experience with general image processing software tools (e.g. ImageJ, Matlab)

  • Primary neuronal culture expertise preferred

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