Job opening with Micro-Manager in California

From the folks at Micro-Manager…

In a couple of weeks, we will have an opening on the Micro-Manager ( team. You may already know that Micro-Manager is Open Source software for microscope control, is an ImageJ plugin, is used in thousands of laboratories world-wide and has more than 50 code contributors. We will be looking for a person with strong programming skills (C++, Java), who understands microscopy (preferably has extensive experience with microscopes), can write documentation, and enjoys helping/teaching scientists work with microscopes. The Micro-Manager project at UCSF has about 2 more years of NIH funding. We plan to transition Micro-Manager to an independent (possibly non-profit) organization that will continue the core mission of Micro-Manager (provide open source software tools for microscopists) but be financed more directly by those who benefit from its existence. The new hire can play an important role in this transition and will likely have a leading function in this new organization.

If you are interested in this upcoming opening and if you think that you have the desired skill set, please contact Nico Stuurman directly by email (Nico.Stuurman[at]ucsf[dot]edu). Also, if you know a suitable person, please tell them lots of wonderful things about Micro-Manager and forward this message.