Jfilament plug-in

I have installed the Jfilament plu-in from the website http://athena.physics.lehigh.edu/jfilament/download.chy and I have copied the folder in the plug-in folder of ImageJ. The Jfilament 2D is working, but
the 2Dplugin Inside Jfilamente folder are not working and it shows this error.

Also, the Jfilament 3D is not working, showing this error
Do you have any idea to let it work?

Hello, the 3D plugin error is caused by java3d not being installed correctly. I am not sure why the Boundary_Kymograph is not working, but. I think the best way to fix both of these errors is to use my update site that includes the latest versions of jfilament.


By using that update site, fiji should make sure that java3d is setup correctly, and I have improved the kymograph plugin.

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Thank you so much!!
Now is working!