Javascript auto-completion in Fiji

Hi Javascript users in Fiji,

I recently discovered that technically auto-complete for Javascript is turned on in Fijis script editor. But apparently, it doesn’t show any suggestions…

Did anyone ever see an auto-completion pull down for Javascript? Is there a trick to get it to open the pulldown?

I’m asking because this apparently-not-so-functional language support may clash with CLIJs auto-completion and I’m wondering how to make both work together…



Yes, it seems to work as intended – on pressing Ctrl+Space – where it autocompletes the word if there’s only one choice, and displays a dropdown when there are more than one:

Maybe you could settle your autocomplete support onto this plugin? I personally prefer when the autocompletion suggestions aren’t so “eager” that they sometimes even mess up what I type. With the auto-completion that comes with CLIJ, it often happens to me that I want to type a new line (by pressing enter) and instead end up with a completely unrelated command :wink:

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CTRL+Space! Thanks @imagejan!

That also happens to me :roll_eyes: I’m on it :wink: